Patiently waiting for surrender


A hopeless exhaustion of…
…of making the same mistakes again and again and again

This is not something I can power through
This is something I need to surrender to

How am I supposed to “do” surrender?
I can’t.

I need to have the willingness to understand
the wisdom of not repeating the same mistakes
and the patience to put myself back together everytime I’m neither willing nor wise

Something new


Seeing deeper within myself

Uncovering truths deep under the surface

Having an understanding that I am in the right path

There is nowhere else to move

Just be

Live, laugh, see, cry, heal and dare to own up to whatever is uncovered

It is right now the transformation happens

In the little things

Holding myself when I want to run away

Making small changes, by and by the transformation happens

By and by I am finding my essence

Embodying something real

Letting the sadness wash over me

I am ready to try something new

Patience my love


Dissolving into space
A ball of energy unleashed
Surrendering and letting go . . .
Falling deeper within

Swimming in the ocean of silence and watching the storm above the surface
Blissfully swaying with the waves
Falling deeper into nothingness

The suit of armour doesn’t fit me anymore
The ego pulling me back, but I am a child and I have seen the light

Open and receiving as the waterfall of truth washes away my pain
Welcomed by the angels of light

Bowing down in my humanness knowing that I might again forget
Surrendering once more

Hungry for more I put on a fight
Patience my love says the light
You are just were you need to be . . . You shall see