A mothering tree


A girl is sitting under a tree and asking for a mother
“I do not have any arms to hold you” she says
“That’s okay” says the girl “my mother also doesn’t hold me”
“Okay” says the tree “but I don’t have any ears to listen”
“My mother also doesn’t listen to me” says the girl
“Okay” says the tree “I can’t see you I don’t have any eyes”
“It’s okay” says the girl “my mother has eyes byt she still doesn’t see me”

The tree stands still, unwavering
The girl lies down in her own embrace and lets the tree hold her
Not saying anything, not looking, not listening, but still a mother
Still place to come home to, a place to feel safe, welcome, embraced
A little girl was lying under a tree and in the tree’s embrace she rocked herself to sleep