In deep gratitude


What if you could be loved exactly like you are?

What if life was just waiting to give you more than you could ever imagine?

What if I told you I know it is true because it is happening to me….

To be allowed to be exactly like I am has set me free.

To realize that I am the only one who can give me permission to do so.

To see that I am held by the divine and its unconditional love, within and around me.

Having the freedom to do whatsoever I feel. To eat what I like, feel what I feel, express what I feel.

My body is becoming soft as my worries and complaints dissolve.

I am left with a deep sense of gratitude.

For myself. For the universe. For life.

A sense of completion as we are all one.

One creative energy, one living organism dancing together in perfect harmony.

Stepping into life


I am saying yes to life
I am saying yes to myself exactly like I am
I know that I am perfectly right to be the way I am

I know that there is nothing wrong with any part of me
I know now that my experiences have shaped me

I know that I am free to love all of me
To care for the parts that still feel hurt and confused

I no longer want to reject certain parts of me
I no longer want to hide from truth

I want to see what is there
I want to care for the children inside with tender loving care
Give them anything and everything they need

I am saying yes to life
I am saying yes to joy
I am saying yes to being loved
I am saying yes to experiences and unfoldings

I want to create
I want to see who I am

I want to take part of life
I no longer want to be a bystander watching from the outside

It is time for me to step into life

In harmony with life


A smile arising from within
Pregnant with something new
I have grown out of my old ways

I am expanding
I want to experience the world that is available to me
There is no longer need for isolation

Curious about the world curious about life
The fear of the unknown has lost its grip
Playful excitement has taken its place

What is out there for me to see?

There is a creative energy moving within
I can no longer stop it from bursting out in manifestation

It is moving me
We are becoming one
I am here no more

Creation bursting out through me
Wanting to play
A song a dance

In harmony with life
Moving with ease

Open to receiving
Open to see
An exploration of life

Heart wide open a smile on my face
Silently waiting for a little more space

“Darkness does not exist”


“The first thing to remember is that the ego is the most negative phenomenon in existence. It is like darkness. Darkness has no positive existence; it is simply absence of light. Light has a positive existence; that’s why you cannot do anything directly with darkness. If your room is full of darkness, you cannot put the darkness out of the room, you cannot throw it out, you cannot destroy it by any means directly. If you try to fight with it, you will be defeated. Darkness cannot be defeated by fighting. You may be a great wrestler but you will be surprised to know that you cannot defeat darkness. It is impossible, for the simple reason that darkness does not exist. If you want to do anything with darkness you have to go via light. If you don’t want darkness, bring light in. If you want darkness, then put the light off. But do something with light; nothing can be done with darkness directly. The negative does not exist-so is the ego”.

~ Osho