After Rain Comes the Sun


A rainy cloud is passing
Hold on the sun will shine again

There is no way out but to stay here
There is no way out but in

There is no shortcut no guidelines no rules or restrictions

An empty slate for you to fill with colours
The shade of grey is a temporary hiccup
I want to paint with all the colours of the rainbow

3 thoughts on “After Rain Comes the Sun

  1. This makes me feel of the times when you can get stuck in pain and suffering, when it can feel like it’s going to last forever but reality is, it is our choice how long we stay their, and always remembering nothing is permanent

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  2. ahhh YES, I agree, it can be so hard to find clarity or joy or even the motivation to try to get out….. and then somehow we always find out way out… luckily !!!


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