Walking hand in hand with fear


Trusting in the unknowable

Trusting in the untouchable

Trusting in myself

Allowing myself to flow with what feels good in the moment

My calculating mind is loosing its grip

Breathing through fears and worst case scenarios

I can see that it doesn’t kill me

I am still here still breathing

I am learning to trust in my own ability to respond

Merging with the whole and seeing the bigger picture

The more alive I become the more I am letting go of knowing, calculating and being in control of what happens next

Surrendering into the flow of life and allowing myself to be surprised

Taking fear in my hand and gently waking side by side

Understanding it is not trying to hurt me

But also that it is my freedom and choice to open my eyes and jump anyway

I am free falling

It is terrifying and thrilling

I wouldn’t have it any other way

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