Welcoming Osho as my master


I have welcomed you as my master
In complete surrender I bow down and touch your feet
I am letting go, I am emptying myself
Coming home
Shedding layers

A movement of energy is happening
A whirling wind around me
Coming back to stillness and there is nothing left

Where am I and what is happening?
Surrendering once more

I love you and I will now move you
You are doing well keep going

A cosmic joke
A laugh and I come back

A sense of love in my heart an openness and a new vulnerability
Held by the energy field around me

My sensitivity is welcomed here
There is no need to suppress or deny it any longer
The time has come for me to start shining my light
To stop hiding in the shadows

To walk out in my aloneness like a mirror
Creating space for others to follow
Letting my light overflow

Guided and held by the universe
Everything I will need will be provided
There is nothing for me to do
No need to worry
Just be
Just unfold

Present in each moment
Moving spontaneously

I encourage you to love to accept to flower
You are coming home my love
Welcome home

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