A butterfly leaving its cocoon


Feeling the ego resisting like a cloud swirling around me
I am letting go
Of what I am not yet sure

Please take anything that is not mine

My hearts truth is projecting me forward
I am standing on unfamiliar ground

The ground underneath my feet has disappeared
I am shedding skins and my ego is roaring loudly as is looses its grip

I am not my ego
I am not my pain

I am being offered a helping hand
A guiding light

It is my choice to take it and evolve
To die to what I am and transform into the unknown

A butterfly leaving its cocoon

I am seeing the truth behind old behaviours
Seeing that they no longer serve me
Seeing the silliness of holding on

Light is being shed on the dusty corners of my being
It is painfully revealing
My ego squirming as it is revealed for what it is

I am seeing that it is simply my imagination
The ego does not exist
It is a joint effort
The ego has no place here without me reaching out and inviting it in

The ego can appear to be strong and that is okay
I am choosing this experience

Photo by Elisabeth Andrio

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