Showing up in vulnerability


There is no need to think
You are okay . . . You are safe
It is all planned out for you
This is also a part of the journey

We are working on acceptance
Of all the parts that are hidden deep within
The parts that you believe no one will be able to love if they see
The parts that you promised yourself to never tell anyone about

That agreement is with yourself
There will be no consequences if you decide to rewrite it
If you feel you want to let it go

I am coming to you as an offering, a helping hand
Guiding you to see the path a little clearer

I am you with your lens wiped clean
Hence you can tap into our wisdom

It is time now my love
Time to come out of hiding
You have done a beautiful job so far
Creating a safe space for you to heal

There is no one else that is going to save you
Your job is to see that you are already saved

Nothing you reveal can make me stop loving you
Nothing you say can push me away

I might not be able to do this for you but I am here every step of the way
There is no rush
You are moving fast already

Slowing down means speeding up
To look at what is present here and now

All the hate you feel is welcome too
Every part of you is loved
Your mind your being, your ego your soul

I know it can be uncomfortable
That is okay

There is nothing more for you to do you are already doing great

A little more loving
A gentler touch

Letting go of the past and allowing yourself to be present
Daring to feel the shame of not being who you think you want to be

Being brave and showing up
Leaving your mask behind and sitting naked at the table
Allowing you to be free

I now choose to surrender into the process of this life
I am willing to feel all the things wanting to be felt
I am willing to love myself when I am not ready to feel
And to again and again be humbled by realising I do not always have the answer
Accepting the presence of my egoic mind
Accepting my humaness
Accepting to receive the help that is offered to me

I accept the receive guidance from Gaia
To embrace her love
To embody her soul

Gaia please show me the way
I am asking for guidance
I am willing to be one with the trees and the ocean and the sky
I am ready to receive
I am willing to show up
I am saying yes to this body
I am saying yes to this experience

I welcome this initiation with open arms and an open heart

Photo by Minty Nguyen … ❤

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