Stepping into a new era


Life is learning to dance in the illusion
Witnessing the beauty of creation
The world is manifesting around me
Every moment is completely new

I have been living in the movie of my mind
Seeing only my projections on the world

My path is shifting
I am entering into a new era
Choosing love instead of pain
To see and not to hide

The illusion is falling apart and I cannot hide from the unconditional love of existence
Divinity is waiting for me

I have been reliving the nightmare of my past
Someone is lovingly stroking my cheek telling me all is okay it is just a dream and I can wake up now.
It is okay for me to be happy.

I am no longer willing to live as an emotional incubator
I am choosing me
I am ready to come alive
I am ready to be present and see that I can shine

My body is the physical manifestation of my soul and I will no longer hold on to the belief that I must disown it to be safe
My body is my temple
It is mine

It is my right to experience the gifts of existence
The pleasure the joy the bliss of being alive on this earth

I am no longer willing to disown myself
I am here to be loved, to love
To feel the wind on my skin
Listen to its song
Feel its embrace

Would would I be if I allowed myself to be completely free?

A dance a song
Each moment completely new
No past no future
Simply a silent song

I am ready to be me
I am ready to be free

Accepting each moment as it is
Lovingly holding my half as the illusion crumbles around me
Stroking my face and saying it is all okay

Open to seeing what is real . . .

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