In the presence of sisters


A space is opening up my heart expanding
Joined together with sisters we rise together

Hand in hand
Hearts wide open
We are powerful together there is space for us all
Shining together we shine brighter than apart

There is space for me to shine
There is a space for me to be

Held and received
I am shedding skins leaving my armour behind

Each unique each our own
Bringing the gifts of existence to our earth

Curious to see what I can bring
Opening a space for existence to flow through
Transforming the world through me
I am just a channel

Empowered by my sisters I wash myself clear
Blowing the dust of my being
Uncovering my soul

Showing up
Not hiding anymore
Seeing the beauty that I am

Mirrored in the face of my sisters I forgive myself for not knowing better before
Embracing myself as the pain of untruth washes away

Forgiving myself for not knowing better seeing that the choice is mine
My energy rising as a world of possibilities opens up

I am free
Free of the chains of needing to be
I am all that I will ever need

Dancing with existence
I leave it all behind
Open to receive open to see

The world at my feet
I am me.

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