An open gate


As I write these poems I transform with every word coming through. There is a wisdom within all of us and I am finding it within me. An unlimited source of love and creative energy. Slowly slowly I am starting to trust myself and trust where I am guided. I wanted to find the answers outside, I wanted someone to give me a map and show me the way. I was scared of making mistakes. Learning by doing and allowing, I see that there are no mistakes. When the longing for ourselves surfaces it starts to guide us. Navigating us through life. Creating spaces and situations where we face what needs to be seen and healed. As trust arrises it becomes a dance, knowing that nothing lasts forever. With every wave of anguish space is created for even more joy and love. Empowered by knowing we have everything we need inside we are free. There are no longer rules to follow, no need so seek approval or to ask for permission. You are your own master and life becomes a play. The possibilities are infinite and the world is at your feet. Close your eyes and take a breath and everything you have been searching for you will find inside. I am not saying it is easy, we have been closed for so long conditioned not to love and trust ourselves. It is painful but on the other side of the pain is everything you have ever wanted.

Leaving all behind
Dying to what I was
Burning everything and rising from the ashes

I am stepping out of myself
Leaving my body behind
Standing at an open gate
Not knowing what is to come

Walking through the fires of pain
There is no time to hide anymore
Screaming and turning, wanting it to end

There is no space to hide behind pain anymore
There is a place for me on the other side and I am ready to take it
Ready to step up and take my place in the light

My gifts are needed and it is time
Not feeling ready wanting to hide
It is okay my dear there is still a little bit of time

Knowing I can hold myself and take responsibility for what is mine

What should I do? What should I do?
And I surrender

Tossing and turning
Shifting and evolving

This is it my dear you are here

Complete surrender there is no need to fight
Utter surrender and you will see the light

Healing is happening frequency is rising
Entering into a new chapter starting on a blank page
It is not a doing anymore but a happening

Open and receiving as the universe works through me
Leaving doubt behind and trusting in life

A beautiful unfolding
A dance a play a song
A flower opening its wings allowing love to flow in

My heart beating and warmth spreading in my body

Slowly coming back but I come back as something new
The innocence of a child

In a new world seeing the world for the first time
Held by the earth and the mother within
Stroked and embraced welcomed into this world

Loved by existence and held from within
There is nothing to do all is okay.

Love, Leela

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