I am diving in the depths of the ocean inside seeking the truth behind the curtains of pain. Creating space to sore up high in the sky and experience the joy and play of existence. I am starting to overflow and am longing for a space to share, connect and inspire others to join this divine journey towards the love we already are.

The thought of creating a platform to express myself and share my experiences and insights has been coming back to me again and again. I have been dismissing the thought because I doubted myself and felt like I was not ready to share yet. I felt like I needed to be more put together, more aware and have more to give. I realised that it is because I had a belief that I am supposed to teach others. I am not ready to teach anyone anything because it is not what I want to do. I want to share. I want to share my journey and show that there is another way. I was drowning and now I am not.

I sat down to put these thoughts on paper and see what they were and this is what came out….

I want to have a platform where I share the depths, the diamonds, the insights, the silence, the strength, the expansion, the perseverance, the joy, the creativity of my being and the things that cannot be said in words. I want a platform where I can overflow and share what is me.

I want this platform to plant seeds. I want to open eyes. I want to confirm that it is okay. I want to create safety and reassurance. I want to inspire and motivate.

So here I am…. Feeling a sense of excitement and expansion, uncertainty, trust and curiosity for what is to come.

Love, Leela

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