A light within


I am guided from within
A bright star leading the way

The goal is already here
Sinking deeper and deeper within
There is nothing to find all is here

Feeling like I am about to fall into an empty space into nothingness
Scared of loosing myself and my senses
Mind and ego fighting for their lives

Open and receiving
I cannot know it all before

Held by love from above
Becoming lighter

Rising together
All as one, here as stars
Here to serve as mirrors for a while

To see myself I divide
Again and again
Glimpses of the whole
Ever changing and evolving dancing with myself

Seeing through your eyes shining through your soul
Guiding you home
You are love and you are light and I am here
I never left

Come home my dear
I am always here
There is no need to fear

You are not alone
I am here
Shining a light
All you need to do is follow the way

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